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Season 3

"Cathy and Lori of Call & Response were instrumental in helping me create the civilian look of BLACKFIRE (played by Damaris Lewis) on the Netflix series TITANS (Season 3). We worked together throughout the process to realize the many costume changes BLACKFIRE required to function on the earth while clearly being from another planet. Their easy going demeanor coupled with their professionalism made Lori and Cathy ideal collaborators during fittings with the actor and myself. I am looking forward to chance to work together again."

– Joyce Schure, Costume Designer "TITANS"

Crown Royal

O Canada

Donna Grantis in Call and Response for Crown Royal's 2023 Superbowl ad.

New Girl

Prince, Jess Day, & other cast

Season 3, episode 14 "Prince"

Radha Chaddah

IAM: Of Body and Mind

"Of Body and Mind" explores the human response to lockdown, isolation and uncertainty. It is the second act of "IAM", a four act immersive performance installation about perspective in our pandemic times. This exhibit features a short film of the live performance.

Costuming by Call and Response

Radha Chaddah

IAM: Dance of the Molecules

"Dance of the Molecules" is the first of 4 acts of "IAM", a Covid story told through dance and light. Each act takes place at different scales of material reality, from micro to macro. Created as an immersive performance installation, and shot as as short film for release during pandemic times,  this first act tells the story of human and viral enmeshment in the molecular realm.

Costuming by Call and Response